Who has Olga’s Bodysilk Bra Style # 32044 and Style # 345 Front-Close Padded Wire-Free Bra

1st Olga’s Bodysilk Style # 32044 and 345 were discontinued, now the only comparable bra by Warner’s is being discontinued:  Don’t wait until it’s too late

Front-Close Wire-Free Bra Invisible Bliss Style # 1055


WireFree Front Close Bra with Lift $34.00
Style # 1055


After selling Olga’s Bodysilk Bras style # 32044 and style # 345 for over 30 years we found them to be unique in the market.  Warner’s finally came out with this item and it has been fabulous.   Everywhere you look, you can’t find it.  Now they decided to discontinue this as well.   Why are all other front close bras underwire or have a racer back.  That’s why we are here to inform that Warner’s Bra 1055 is the closest you will get as a match up. You love a wire free front close bra with padding. This is the closest you are going to get to meeting that criteria.

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