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Warner’s Shine-On Front Close Underwire Bra Style # 1021 is available for a limited time

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Warners Shine-On Front Close Underwire Bra Style # 1021


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Yes, your favorite Warner’s Bra is temporary here until it finds a better home, “YOURS”


Hello Brody’s of Brooklyn customers, 

If you liked Warner’s Touch of Fashion 1118, Bright Stripes Style # 1218, Daisy Lace Style # 1509, Heavenly Style # 1602, The Naked Truth 2530 and Frankly Fabulous Style # 2548

             I hope you are as excited as I am to bring this item to the market place.  We worked hard to find a way to fill the demand of this type of bra.  If you are receiving this e-mail it’s because you bought from us the Warner’s 1218, 1509, 1602, 2530 or 2548.  That’s right, I said Warner’s underwire front-close bra without padding and regular straps.  We are exclusively selling this item in the United States as well as internationally. I’m certain you have spent way too much time looking for a substitute to no avail.  Well, I’m here today to tell you that you do not need a substitute when you can buy the real thing….Life is too difficult as is and shopping for the right bra should not be a daunting task.  After all, Brody’s of Brooklyn is where the world goes for underwear.  The sophisticated consumer is what you are, so order the bra you want today!!!

Thank you for all the years of being a part of our family here at Brody’s of Brooklyn.order online or call toll free 1-877-BRODYSS (1-877-276-3977) 

Thank you for all the years of being a part of our family here at Brody’s of Brooklyn, 

Thank you for reading our blog


Clearance Sale on Selected Bras, Panties and necessities

Clearance Sale on Selected Bras, Panties and necessities

We now have expanded our inventory for CLEARANCE PRICES…These are all great bras and panties by Warner’s, Bali, Olga, Calvin Klein, Wacoal and many others for an unbelievably inexpensive price…Hurry up because these deals only last as long as they are in stock…First come, First serve 

My father always told me that the most important thing in business is a happy customer.  What other way to make someone happy than to give them a bargain 🙂

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Warner’s Bra Fit Video

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Style #  
Bras Camisoles Panties Slim wear Slips and Daywear Clearance



Bali Double Support
Cotton Wire Free Reg $36.00 SALE $17.99 

Bali Lace Desire
Deep Plung Underwire Reg $34.00 SALE $16.99 

Bali No Poke Wire
Seamless Underwire Reg $32.00 SALE $14.99 

Bali Seductive Curves
Foam Underwire Reg $36.00 SALE $14.99 

Bali Double Support
Lightly Lined Wire Free Bra MSR $36.00 SALE $19.99 

Bali No Poke Wire
No Poke Wire Lined Underwire Bra 

3372 Clearance 
Bali Double Support
Spa Closure Wire Free Bra MSR $36.00 SALE $19.99 

Sky Bali
WireFree Tailored Comfort and Support Reg. $24.00 SALE $9.99 

Bali Satin Tracings
All Stretch Comfort and Support Underwire Reg. $26.50 SALE $9.99 

8700 Clearance 
Body By Bali
Tummy Panel Brief w/Light Control 2 pair pack MSR $26.00 SALE $16.99 

8710 Clearance 
Body By Bali
Tummy Panel Brief w/Med Control 2 pair pack MSR $34.00 SALE $19.99 

Easy Fit Jean
Over Dye Denim Reg $45.00 SALE $16.99 

signature logo bikini
bikini Reg $30.00 SALE $19.99 

underwire bra Reg $32.00 SALE $14.99


Full Figure Fashion Bra 


Full Figure 100% Cotton Lined 

Sports Shape
Sports Bra Reg $27.00 SALE $14.99 

Performance Fitness Classics
Champion Shape Scoop Sports Bra Reg $33.00 SALE $14.99 

Champion Everyday Double Dry Bras
Seamless Soft Cup Bra Reg $30.00 SALE $14.99 

Performance Fitness Classics
Natural Contour Comfort Zip Sports Bra 

Champion Everyday Double Dry Bras
Friction Free Gel Srap Bra Reg $33.00 SALE $14.99 

Champion Friction Free Running
Friction Free Seamless Sports Bra Reg. $36.00 SALE $18.99 

Jockey Classics
100% Cotton Hipster ON SALE 

Jockey Classics
100% Cotton French Cut ON SALE 

Olga’s Luxury Lift
Full Figure Underwire Bra Reg $35.00 SALE $15.99 

Olga’s Perfect Fit
Full Figure Underwire Reg $29.50 SALE $16.99 

Olga’s Perfectly Beautiful
Full Figure Underwire Reg $29.50 SALE $14.99 

Olga’s Comfort By Design
Tailored Lined Underwire Reg $33.00 SALE $19.99 

Olga’s Suddenly Smooth
Comfort back prevents straps from slipping Reg $36.00 SALE $19.99 

Olga’s Smooth Benefits

Olga’s Body Mist
Front Close Demi Underwire 

Playtex Secrets Floral
Signatures Underwire Bra Reg $36.00 SALE $19.99 

11860 Clearance 
360 Degree
Vanity Fair Nylon Half Slip MSR $15.00 each SALE 2 for $15.00 

13001 Clearance 
Perfectly Yours
Vanity Fair 100% Nylon Panty MSR 3 for $21.00 SALE $12.99 

Vanity Fair 95% Strata Nylon 5% Lycra Spandex Hi-Cut Brief 

13083 Clearance 
Perfectly Yours
Vanity Fair Seamfree Brief MSR 3 for $24.00 SALE $14.99 

18457 Clearance 
Signature Collection
Vanity Fair Novelty Zig Zag Hipster MSR 3 for $25.50 SALE $14.99 

72335 Clearance 
Body Caress
Vanity Fair Full Coverage Padded Wirefree MSR $36.00 SALE $19.99 

75263 Clearance 
Body Sleeks
Vanity Fair Front Close Wire and Flexi Back MSR $36.00 SALE $19.99 

75335 Clearance 
Body Caress
Vanity Fair Convertible for trad n crisscross MSR $36.00 SALE $19.99 

75371 Clearance 
Age Defying Lift
Vanity Fair Seemless uplift pad MSR $36.00 SALE $19.99 

76045 Clearance 
Beauty Back
Vanity Fair Full Figure Front Close Underwire MSR $36.00 SALE $19.99 

76380 Clearance 
Beautiful Benefits
Vanity Fair Full Coverage Contour Bra MSR $36.00 SALE $19.99 

Bra Reg $42.00 SALE $19.99 

Wacoal Petite
Seamless Wire Contour Reg. $34.00 SALE $9.99 

803260 Clearance 
Wacoal Cool Definition
Bralette MSR $48.00 SALE $25.99 

85122 Clearance 
Wacoal Elegance Minimizer
Hidden Wire Minimizer Bra MSR $62.00 SALE $29.99 

Makeover Slimline Minimizer
Seamless Slimline Minimizer Bra Reg. $60.00 SALE $19.99 

Wacoal Convertible
Front Close Contour Bra Reg $57.00 SALE $25.99 

85340 Clearance 
Wacoal French Garden
Contour Wire Bra MSR $65.00 SALE $31.99 

Body Glow
Semi Demi Wire Reg. $54.00 SALE $19.99 

856114 Clearance 
Wacoal Sport
Contour Non Wire Bra MSR $58.00 SALE $29.99 

Warners Stretch
Nylon Stretch Bra fits A-B-C 

Warners Something Satin
Low Plunge Underwire Contour Reg $29.00 65% off SALE $9.99 

Warners All The Right Moves
WireFree Contour Reg. $30.00 65% off SALE $9.99 

Warners Flower Charms
Lightly Lined WireFree Reg $28.00 35% off SALE $19.99 

Warners Unslippables
Contour Underwire Reg $32.00 each Now Buy 1 Get 1 FREE 

Warners Bright Stripes
Back Close Full Figure Underwire Bra Reg $31.00 SALE $15.99 

Warners Lace Impressions
Underwire Reg $30.00 65% off SALE $9.99 

Warners Body Beware
Underwire Bra Reg $30.00 33% off SALE $19.99 

Warners true fit
Customized Cups Provide A Unique Lift Reg $32.00 35%+ off SALE $19.99 

Warners Cotton Club
Wire-Free Racer Back Reg. $32.00 50%+ off SALE $15.99 

Tagless Wire Free Reg $33.00 SALE $19.99 

Wire Ultimate T Shirt Bra like 1355 Compare to $34.00 SALE $16.99 

Warners Perfect Measure
Cotton Brief with Lace Trim 3 for $14.99 

Warners Shine-On
Hi Cut Brief 3 for $14.99 

Warners Bright Stripes
Hi Cut Briefs 3 for $14.99 

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Is Olga’s Disappearing Act Style # 35183 and Olga’s Christina 55183 hard to find?

Dear women of the world.  You’re fuller figure and need a contour bra.  What do you do?  Well, you shop for hours looking for the perfect for your needs.  It took many trips to the mall and countless hours researching online.  Finally, you found the one bra that works for you.

It was Is Olga’s Disappearing Act Style # 35183 and Olga’s Christina 55183.  The ones you bought before are now wearing out and you need more….OMG…No One has it anymore, what do I do?  Well, do not worry because Brody’s of Brooklyn has it and it’s on SALE with FREE SHIPPING and NO SALES TAX anywhere in the USA!!!


Olga’s Disappearing Act
Now in Contour-SAME as Olga Chris 55183-Reg. $36.00 SALE $29.99
Style # 35183


The Death of the American Dream

To the American Public,


Please forgive me for I’m not a writer but if one is to write one should write about what one knows and say it with passion.  So, here I go.   I’m just a merchant from Brooklyn who had a family store.  We have been in business since 1977.  At that time, there were over 2500 specialty stores of our type in the country, now there are less than 400.  That means for every 5 stores, 4 have closed.  Is this due to merchants not knowing what they are doing or is it something else?  Are all small business merchants unaware how to run a business?  Do you wonder what do we sell? And how does this relate to you?

Well, we were that sock and underwear store on the corner.  You know, when it came to Father’s Day and you needed to pick up a gift for Dad, you came into our store and bought him some new socks and underwear.  You are going to a wedding and need a panty girdle and some pantyhose, you came to me.  A bra for a strapless dress for the summer party, you guessed it, you came to me.  You see, all businesses  follow the same basic principles, so whether it was socks and underwear and lingerie or its a hardware store we try to accommodate you the consumer and at the same time, make a living.

Why a blog?  Well, for some time I have seen the small merchant at a big disadvantage to corpaorate America.  Of course corporate America is doing well, everybody else is going out of business so the competition is eliminmated.  If anyone ever told you the playing field is level they are full of it!!!   What do I mean?  Well, exactly what I said, there is no level playing field in business.  Is this legal?  There are always loopholes that companies use to get around this.  Let’s say there is a style # for a particular bra … let’s call it style # 9855, well if you sell it to a store like Kohl’s, all you need to do is change the style # to 9855K, therefore, it is a totally different # and so a legal loophoile to charge a lower price for the same item.

What about outlet stores and the Costco’s?  Whether or not you think you got a great deal, think again, perhaps you didn’t.  I say this for I know for a fact that outlet store merchandise and products made specifically for K-Mart, Wal-Mart, Target, Kohl’s, Costco and many more have to be cost effective both in price and quality.  That’s right, the secret is out.  YOU ARE NOT getting the same quality for less, you are simply getting what you pay for.

Why does good bras like Warner’s 1035 get discontinued?  Is it because no one wants it?  The answer is no.  The closing of your neighborhood specialty store is the reason why there is a disconnect between what the consumer wants and what is offered.  You see, the specialty stores bought what the customer wanted but since they are no longer in business the public is at the mercy of the department store buyer.  This buyer is most likely in her 30’s and buys for a few hundred stores in their region.  She has tunnel vision, what I mean by that is that she buys for her stores what she wants in her own draw.  Being from the Victioria’s Secret generation she has bought ointo the fantasy and not reality of functional everyday bras and panties.  Staple items such as Warner’s bra style # 1046 Fit to be tried Hidden Powers, Warner’s 1058, Waarner’s 1035, Olga 319, Warner’s 1218, Warner’s 1021, Olga 32044 and countless others.

Since the department stores started having their 1 day sale 355 days a year for the last 18 years, a Mom and Pop can not sell the only item they have at cost or below cost and remain in business.  By the same token, if you put small retailers out of business then its your responsibilty to cater to all those people.  Well, they don’t and we are expected to be like the society portrayed in George Orwell 1984 as depicted in the Apple comercial of the early 80’s.

Looking for that special item no one in the United States has, well we have them

















I don’t blame people for looking for a better price but in the end you lose in winning.


Thank you for reading this post,


Doug Brody


1-877-276-3977 (1-877-BRODYSS)